Measuring the value of IT

Judging the success of a business’ technology used to be easy. If the email was coming in and going out, and all staff were able to work in their Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheets, the computer technicians were doing their job and all was rosy. Of course, we weren’t really measuring server uptime, the effectiveness of filtering of spam email, or whether we really needed to click through six screens before we could get to our inventory screen. So perhaps measuring IT…

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Global Ransomware outbreak – how safe is your business?

The weekend of 12-14 May 2017 saw a mass outbreak of a malicious software virus which aimed to lock data files and hold them to ransom. Within three days the virus, dubbed “WannaCrypt”, had been halted, but the damage was done; businesses and services and government departments across the world were taken down, unable to operate properly until they had either paid the ransom or implemented costly, time-consuming recovery efforts. This kind of malicious software, known as “ransomware”, is not…

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